Allu is the premier authenticator , seller and buyer of pre owned  luxury handbags, watches and accessories. .

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For smooth, quick and accurate quoting we appreciate the inclusion of clear photos showcasing the items true color and all angles of the item. An accurate and honest description of the product's condition should also be included. (For more info, read our photo guidelines here). Images of the original tags, packaging or receipt is helpful but not mandatory.

 Allu is the premier authenticator , seller and buyer of pre owned  luxury handbags, watches and accessories.


In 2016, Allu was launched in Japan and has since become an international sensation in the buying and selling of pre-owned luxury items.

Allu’s roots are planted firmly in Japan with over 100 additional global locations. This creates a sophisticated Japanese style buying service with a luxury world view. We’ve meticulously chosen our inventory and our team of authentication experts have painstakingly inspected each and every item for the ultimate in luxury buying experience.

Here at Allu we are obsessed with the idea of providing perfect customer service. We pride ourselves on our connection with Omotenashi.  Omotenashi is the reason why Japanese customer service stands out. “Omote” means public face and “Nashi” means nothing, the combination of which means transparency and honesty throughout your Allu experience from beginning to end. 

All items are put through a multi step inspection process with rigorous guidelines by our team of authentication experts. Since our Japan headquarters were established in 2011 we have been buying and selling luxury goods globally making us one of the leading luxury resale providers in the world. It’s this expertise combined with our dedication to Omotenashi that creates a brand you can trust.