Rolex Watches Used

Rolex Daytona Green 116508 Watch $76,713.00 USD $86,000.00 USD
Rolex Green Submariner Black Watch $13,288.00 USD $14,000.00 USD
Rolex Green Submariner 16610LV Watch $13,288.00 USD $15,000.00 USD
Rolex Sea-Dweller Deep Sea 116660 Watch $13,288.00 USD $15,000.00 USD
Rolex GMT Master II Watch $8,200.00 USD $11,959.00 USD

Rolex continues to be the name for luxury and exclusivity – owning one is a sign of wealth, status, and expertise. Famous for its precision timekeeping and remarkable craftmanship, the brand will forever be synonymous with power, and when you wear one, you feel exhilarated.  

Many Rolex models have generated a celebrity status, including the iconic designs: 

  • Rolex Datejust watch, 31 mm
  • The Lady’s Air King model
  • The Lady Oyster Perpetual watch, 26 mm

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