The Lady Dior Bag


One of the most famed bags of modern fashion, The Lady Dior bag is defined by its rectangular shape, quilted Cannage motif, rounded top handle, and dangling charms. Princess Diana was the first to adopt it. In 1995, the Lady Dior bag was born, almost immediately writing itself in the history of fashion. We’re taking a closer look at the legacy of the iconic bag, from its first appearance to the modern day.
Decades after its conception, the Lady Dior bag remains one of Dior’s perennial designs. A signature piece of the French fashion house and a knowing nod to its founding couturier, it was after being worn by Princess Diana that the bag gained the momentum that would pull it through the decades, forging its place in the fashion scene today.

A testament to the exceptional savoir-faire at the Dior ateliers, the Lady Dior bag is a continuation of Christian Dior’s legacy, each element meticulously crafted, keeping in tune with the house’s heritage. The metallic charms falling from the strap are inspired by the lucky charms he loved. Its signature quilting is a nod to Napoleon III’s chairs on which guests at the Dior runway shows would sit: a thread of history runs through each of the couturier’s collections.

The bag became depicted in pop culture numerous times during the aughts; Charlotte wore a bright pink one on Sex and the City 2 and a black one in the promo photos for And Just Like That… The Lady Dior was ubiquitous on the original Gossip Girl, a favorite of Blair Waldorf, who carried several iterations of it through the run of the show.

As Seen On

Celebrities and influencers love the Lady Dior bag. It has been photographed with Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton, Sharon Stone, and Blake Lively, and in recent years, Emma Roberts, Rhiana, Priyanka Chopra, and content creator Chriselle Lim. It earned its icon status after several television appearances, celebrity fans, and even a tribute from Princess Diana's daughter-in-law Meghan Markle.


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