Paint It Black

The gothic glamor aesthetic has become a part of almost every designer's collection at one point or another. Designers like John Galiano, Alexander McQueen, and Rick Owens are just a few notable designers that have discussed being inspired by the dark and mysterious gothic influence.

Goth appreciation saw its origin in the Victorian mourning dress, heavy, luxurious fabrics of matte black. Like today’s conception of goths, the Gothic element attracted cultural outsiders and seductive characters, establishing a culture of mystery, rebellion, and sultry seduction. Combined with the upper society’s fascination with black for evening elegance, a culture was born.

Victorian Goth

Dark conquers the scene, but style wins. Carrying out the goth style requires a sense of fashion and devotion to black. More than just spooky vibes and dark tones, the modern goth “it girl” brings a sense of glamorous, seductive charm to a once macabre space. Done right, the Gothic design style is intricate and classic.

While it’s an overlooked topic, fashion has been an undeniable stone in the foundation of both high and low culture. It serves as a point at which the worlds of commerce, films, music, and art intersect. It has become impossible to explore these areas thoroughly without seeing how the fashion world has overlapped with them.

A prime example is how the Fashion world is inspired by pop culture is its connection with Netflix's new rendition of Wednesday and her dark, edgy gothic style. The show’s costume designerColleen Atwood is quoted as saying, “I feel like it’s a fresh take on that style,” referring to the modernization of the character's gothic look and transforming it to the new “it girl” trend. Atwood even styled Wednesday with designer pieces from  Mui Mui, PradaAlaïa, Cambridge, and LK Bennett. The obsession with this new take on goth can be seen everywhere, from Vogue to Refinery29 to being the hottest trend on TikTok. Everyone wants to get the look.

Meanwhile, even celebrities are adding some goth love to their wardrobe both on the red carpet and in their day-to-day outfit selections.

Listed below are some amazing designer bags that lend themselves to the Gothic Chic look. A New Dark and Artistic Trend For 2023.

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