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Have you heard of Sciuraglam? If not, you’re missing out! Celebrating Milan's rich and glamorous grandmas or “nonnas,” this Instagram account has captured the hearts of thousands. Sciuraglam, founded by Angelo, a dental student from southern Italy, is dedicated to showcasing Milan's stylish and sophisticated older women. 


What started as a personal fascination with the city's iconic women of leisure has turned into a phenomenon, with Sciuraglam amassing a cult following and catching the attention of fashion influencers and enthusiasts alike.  

In the world of social media, where trends come and go, some things are timeless and always stay in style. The captivating world of Sciuraglam explores the allure of these elegant Milanese women who are an endless inspiration to us all.  

Here’s why Sciuraglam is worth a follow: 

The Birth of Sciuraglam 

When Angelo first moved to Milan in 2016, he was struck by the sophisticated beauty of the older women who call the fashion capital home. Whether running errands, enjoying an aperitif, or sipping on an espresso, these wealthy Milanese women exuded a sense of elegance and style that fascinated the newcomer. He began capturing their essence in street-style photographs captured through his iPhone camera lens.  

At first, Angelo was only sharing these photos with friends back home, who were equally fascinated by the stark contrast between the lifestyles of these women and their own. These women, who dressed in designer clothes and carried Gucci and Prada handbags to go to the grocery, inspired the aspiring fashion photographer. And it wasn’t long before he decided to create an Instagram account, Sciuraglam, to showcase the fashionable grandmas of Milan.  

Unveiling Milan's Glamorous Grandmas 

Sciuraglam derives its name from the Milanese dialect word "Scuira," meaning "rich woman," focusing on the wealthy and affluent older women who frequent the city's central areas. Angelo discovered that these women, who often visit fashionable establishments like Bar Luce, embrace their wealth by donning designer clothing and carrying expensive handbags.  

They are often decked out in expensive furs and dripping in pearls and other enviable jewels. The opposite of quiet luxury, these women’s looks shout wealth with expertly put-together outfits with stunning accessories. Whether it’s a beautiful silk scarf, statement sunglasses, or colorful leather gloves, these seasoned trend-setters know exactly how to style a look.  

However, it is not just their external appearances that make them Sciuraglam-worthy; Angelo seeks a confident inner beauty and allure that transcends age and fashion choices. He’s particularly drawn to capturing pairs of women and showing their charming relationship with each other and the vibrant city.  

A Rich Heritage of Fashion 

While the Sciura’s are one part of what makes Sciuraglam so captivating, the backdrop of Milan is another undeniable part of the charm. The stomping grounds for these elder fashionistas are steeped in centuries of fashion history, with the city’s prominence in the field tracing back to the Renaissance period when this Northern Italian port city became the thriving center of arts, culture, and craftsmanship it remains today.  

Milan is synonymous with design excellence and innovation. From Versace to Giorgio Armani, Prada, Missoni, and Dolce & Gabbana, Milanese designers have made significant contributions to the fashion world, and their cutting-edge designs have set trends and influenced global fashion. They are renowned for their craftsmanship and attention to detail, utilizing the city’s well-established network of textile mills, factories, and skilled artisans. 

Often referred to as the world’s fashion capital, Milan exudes a sense of style and elegance, with a fashion-conscious population that values aesthetics and design. The city’s architecture, art, and lifestyle are dedicated to beauty and sophistication. Milan’s streets are known for their impeccably dressed locals, but even among these fashion elites, the elegant women of Sciuraglam stand out.  

The Rise to Fame 

As Sciuraglam's collection of photos grew, so did its popularity. Angelo's unique perspective on showcasing the beauty of Milan's grandmothers resonated with many, including Italian influencer and Attico founder Gilda Ambrosio, who became an avid follower. Word spread and journalists contacted Angelo for interviews, catapulting Sciuraglam into the public eye.  

With over 287,000 followers, Sciuraglam has evolved from a hobby to a significant online presence. While Angelo still shoots his muses on the street and in branded campaigns, the Sciuraglam account also includes curated content from other photographers that fit into the Scuira theme.  

And while the mysterious photographer, who keeps a private personal Instagram account, is not on TikTok or other social media platforms, #sciuraglam is an active hashtag on TikTok with 2.7 million views of videos inspired by the Instagram account. 

The Enigmatic Photographer 

Angelo, who prefers to remain anonymous, emphasizes that the focus should be on the women he captures, not himself. He aims to maintain the mystique surrounding the account, allowing the grandmas to take center stage.  

And while he entertains the idea of revealing his identity in a future photoshoot, for now, the account is focused on providing just a glimpse of the extraordinarily wealthy and glamorous lives these women lead.   

The Future is Bright 

Sciuraglam has undoubtedly opened doors to exciting opportunities for former dental students. Invitations to fashion shows and exclusive events have become part of his life, and his successful account has led to brand partnerships with the likes of Loro Piana, Tiffany & Co., Bally, Calvin Klein, Roberto Cavalli, and more. 

Sciuraglam has emerged as a cultural force, celebrating Milan's rich, glamorous grandmas and captivating a global audience's attention. Angelo's dedication to highlighting the beauty and elegance of these women has struck a chord, inspiring admiration and adoration from followers worldwide.  

As Sciuraglam continues to grow and evolve, it remains a testament to the timeless allure of Milanese style and the impact of capturing the essence of a generation that defies age and embraces fashion with unapologetic grace. 


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