Allu Loves @CarlaRockmore

Carla Rockmore in pink dress

Have you been following @CarlaRockmore on TikTok? The 56-year-old jewelry designer turned social media star whose captivating fashion videos have stolen our hearts and made us laugh, cry and learn things along the way? If not, you’re in for areal treat.  

Dubbed the "Carrie Bradshaw of TikTok," Rockmore's unique style and empowering message have resonated with over a million followers. Beyond her vibrant wardrobe and bold accessories, Rockmore advocates personal style and encourages individuals to express themselves freely through fashion.  

The style maven’s eclectic and maximalist fashion sense, paired with herjoie de vivre, is a winning combination that has garnered the Dallas-based influencer many fans, including us. It also helps that her two-story walk-in closet, complete with a spiral staircase and fireplace, is the stuff of literal dreams.  

Intrigued? Here’s why we can’t get enough of this style maven.  

 Carla Rockmore walking down the street

From Jewelry Designer to Social Media Star  

Carla Rockmore's rise to social media stardom was an unexpected and serendipitous journey. Initially joining TikTok on a whim during the height of the pandemic, Rockmore never anticipated the immense success that awaited her. In her own words, she thought it was merely a dance app.  

The jewelry designer had just returned to her Texas home after a trip to India in March 2020 -- where her semi-precious jewelry line was being developed -- and not a minute too soon because the lockdown started shortly upon her return.  

After agreeing that her jewelry production would have to be put on hold, Rockmore decided to try creating styling videos using the items in her vast collection of designer clothing, accessories, and statement jewelry. With just an iPhone and editing skills learned from her then-16-year-old son, Rockmore dove headfirst into this much-needed creative outlet.  

She first uploaded her entertaining and educational videos on YouTube, which didn’t attract much attention. But soon after, in early 2021, her son introduced her to TikTok, and her following skyrocketed from 91 to 250,000 followers in just a week.  

Rockmore is now a bonafide social media sensation with 1.3 million followers on TikTok and 23.2 million likes. Of course, her TikTok success has spilled over to other platforms. On Instagram, @CarlaRockmore has 252,000 followers, and you can also find her on Facebook and YouTube, where she has 373,000 subscribers and her videos have racked up over 73 million views.  


The Power of Personal Style  

Carla Rockmore in jeans and a black jacket

Rockmore's allure extends far beyond her massive social media following. As a jewelry designer by trade, Rockmore understands the transformative power of personal style. She shares valuable fashion advice in her videos and empowers her viewers to embrace their individuality. Rockmore believes there are no rigid rules regarding fashion, emphasizing that personal style should be about self-expression and making oneself feel good.  

Like every other seemingly overnight success story, the foundations for Rockmore’s meteoric rise were laid long ago. Her impressive styling knowledge has been cultivated over decades in the fashion industry. The Montreal-born designer studied fashion design at Ryerson (now Toronto Metropolitan University) in the late ‘80s before heading to Europe to pursue her fashion dreams. 

After working as a clothing designer in her 20s and 30s, Rockmore transitioned into jewelry design. She also relocated with her family to a Texas suburb just outside of Dallas, where she built out her TikTok famous closet and filled it with all the high and low treasures she’s collected over the years.  

Unlike fashion influencers who adhere to specific style doctrines, Rockmore encourages experimentation and the freedom to make mistakes. Her no-holds-barred approach allows her followers of any age to explore their unique style without fear of judgment. By sharing her fashion blunders and successes, Rockmore demonstrates that fashion is an ongoing journey of self-discovery. 


Sharing Everything with the World 

 Carla Rockmore and friend

Rockmore has invited us into her closet and life in a way that makes us feel like we know her. In her many “getting dressed” videos, we get a front-row view of her decision-making process in putting together an outfit, which usually starts with a hero item. Maybe it’s a new pair of thigh-high gold boots that she just bought on sale. She then unexpectedly pairs it with a white oversized shirt dress with a handkerchief hem, allowing the metallic boot to peek out more.  

Of course, accessories are a vital part of every one of this fashion influencer’s outfits, and it’s truly impressive to see Rockmore dash about her spacious closet and pull out different bags and baubles to complete her look. It’s a wonder and a testament to how meticulously organized her wardrobe is that she can pull out the exact beaded necklace or green gemstone ring she’s looking for from a literal wall of jewelry displays.  

But getting dressed isn’t always seamless, and Rockmore shows us the mishaps. Her spontaneous trial-and-error approach makes us appreciate the finished product even more. She might put on a statement choker and decide it’s too much for a Tuesday. She might accessorize with a chunky necklace but realizes it clashes with the leather jacket that she throws on after. Either way, we’re all along for the ride.  

Rockmore shows that not only are her fashion choices bold, but that boldness extends to other parts of her life, and she’s not afraid to speak up for her values and beliefs. She’s used her enormous platform to shine a welcome light on more serious topics, such as gun violence in schools and her daughter Ivy coming out as transgender in 2022.  

Rockmore is fully supportive of her daughter, and they have appeared in several styling videos together but living in Texas, they’ve also released a video reacting to legislation that would prevent Ivy from receiving gender-affirming care.   


Embracing Individuality at Every Age 

Carla Rockmore posing in a red dress

One of the most inspiring aspects of Rockmore's influence is her ability to connect with individuals of all ages. Despite being in her mid-50s, Rockmore has inspired women who may feel invisible or overlooked in fashion. Through her content, she encourages women over 50 to embrace their style and find joy in fashion, defying societal expectations.  

Rockmore's relatability and authenticity have earned her a diverse fan base, ranging from teenagers to middle-aged individuals. Her messages of self-acceptance and experimentation resonate with people across generations, creating a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for fashion. 

We love that her videos reflect the everyday struggles and insecurities people face when getting dressed, reminding them that fashion is a personal journey of the self. We can’t wait to see where else she takes us.